​Help with Social Security Disability Claims

Simmons Law Group is your choice for legal representation when trying to get awarded your social security disability benefits. If you have been denied benefits we may be able to help you.  

Are you eligible?  To be eligible for social security benefits, you must:

  • Have a permenant condition that prevents you from working.
  • Have a disability that lasted 12 months.
  • Must have obtained enough "work credits" (see below).

To be considered having "work credit" you must have worked 5-10 years while paying social security. 

The Social Security Administration denies a large majority of applications, mainly, because the applicant failed to provide enough medical evidence to prove the need for additional income AND adequate proof that you cannot work.  

These are just a few of the ways we help you prove your case:

  • We will provide you your own social security advocate who will get to know your case and manage your case with professionalism, respect, communication and a sincere desire to help you WIN!
  • We help gather information from your medical records and from the Social Security Administration.
  • We write a complete summary of your case--telling your story for the Social Security Administration or administrative law judge to read.
  • We accompany you to the Social Security Administration office in Toccoa, GA for any SSA interviews.
  • We will file all appeals within the legal time frame--protecting your rights to continue your application.
  • We will prepare you and any witnesses for the hearing.

Here are some frequently asked questions that many of our clients have asked.  We are here for you.  Call us!  706-778-5659


What is the definition of disabled according to the Social Security Administration?

You will be considered disabled if you have a physical and/or mental condition that prevents you from performing substantial, gainful employment, considering your age, education and past work.  The condition(s) you suffer from must be expected to last one year or result in death.

What does it cost to file for benefits?

Simmons Law Group does not charge you any money to file any paperwork.  We only get paid if YOU WIN!.

I have applied for Social Security benefits and received a letter denying my application.  What should I do?

Immediately bring your denial letter to our office!  It is critically important that you do not delay as you have only sixty days to appeal.  You have rights and we will help you exercise those rights but we must adhere to the mandated time frames.

What will make my case stronger?

Your case will be stronger if you have medical evidence documenting the condition you claim is disabling you.  In addition, a narrative report from your doctor stating the medical issues you face is very powerful to your case.

How long should I expect to wait before I receive an initial decision?

The time frame depends on the state you live in but generally it is approximately six months.

Does my age help or hurt me?

The older you are, the easier it is to win a case.  This is because, generally, you are not as trainable or you are less able to adjust to new work.

Are some conditions considered "easier" to win that other conditions?

Yes.  There is a list of "compassionate allowances" that usually results in easily winnable cases.  However, psychiatric cases are more difficult.  But both require substantial medical evidence.

Well, I lost my claim at the initial and reconsideration level.  How long will it take to get a hearing?

It is hard to believe, and sad to report, that sometimes it takes well over a year to get a hearing.

I have already applied.  Can I still hire a representative?

Yes!  You can hire a representative at any stage of an application or proceeding.

Do I really need a representative?

The process of applying for benefits is complicated.  There are deadlines to be met, medical reports to be analyzed, and arguments supporting your case to be written.  At the hearing level, there will be doctors and/or vocational experts.  You will have a right to cross-examine these experts so a representative can boost your chances, greatly.

If I have a hearing can I bring witnesses?

You sure can.  Spouses, friends, former employers, can be valuable witness and support your claim.  They can also testify in writing.  If we deem this to be appropriate we will work with your witness to prepare a true and accurate affidavit.  Also persuasive, is a letter from your former employer documenting that you tried to work but was unable to perform your duties.

I have no money, so if the Social Security office takes such a long time to decide my case, how do they expect me to live or pay my bills?

This is a very difficult question and one we hear all too often.  We are sorry to say that we have no answer for you.  You and your claim are at the mercy of the government and there is nothing we can do to change that.  We will do whatever we can to speed your claim along but it is not easy.   




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