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"Conducting confusing business during a confusing time" is one way people describe probate.  After losing a loved one, your energies need to be on family, friends, and healing.  Simmons Law Group can handle all of your probate needs.  

Hopefully, the deceased planned for the administration and distribution of the estate.  If so, there are papers to be filed with the Court.  These can be confusing and, in the interest of time, you should allow us to assist you so that the process runs as smoothly as possible and you and your family can think about other, equally important, matters.

However, sometimes, probate comes with inherent problems.  Is the will being contested? Did the deceased name an executor?  Are other family members challenging decisions? These, and many other issues, create an absolute need for an attorney to 1) file papers timely and 2) represent you in any dispute related to the will.

Regardless of the probate status, you need effective counsel to sort through the legalities and help protect you.

If you need an attorney to look at your situation, call our office today.  Be prepared to bring a copy of the will and a copy of the death certificate.  And, bring your questions!