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Criminal Defense Cases

Things, or a loved one, gets into a situation resulting in criminal charges.  Simmons Law Group understands.  Have you been charged with a crime?  Theft?  DUI?  Drugs?  Assault? Criminal Trespassing? Or, something else?

Choosing a criminal defense lawyer is a very important decision.  You probably want to choose someone who has deep experience representing clients who have faced similar charges.  You will want to be sure that your lawyer will have a strategy for handling the specifics of your case and can give you good advice.  Of course, you will want someone who charges a reasonable fee.  If these are the things you are considering when thinking about an attorney for you then let Simmons Law Group defend you aggressively and strategically.

When you come in to meet with us, please bring:

  • The police report, if you have it.
  • Your bail papers, if applicable.
  • ​Any other paperwork the police gave you.

In addition, it is helpful if you compile a list of everyone connected to the case. Include witnesses, victims, and other defendants. 

When you meet with us: 

  • Mr. Simmons will open with questions regarding the charges against you. Consider these questions before coming in: 
    • ​What happened?
    • What are the police alleging?
    • What is the evidence against you?
    • Are you charged with a misdemeanor or a felony?
    • Do you have a prior record?

Be ready to tell your side of the story. Be open and honest with Mr. Simmons to ensure your case is handled accurately and as quick as possible. Strict confidentiality laws prevent criminal defense lawyers from disclosing anything discussed at the first meeting. 

Next will be your turn to ask the questions. Feel free to ask anything you think you should know or what is on your mind. Consider asking if Mr. Simmons knows the prosecuting attorney in your case or if he is familiar with the judge. Your lawyers reputation with the courthouse and the people who work there is important!

Henry Simmons has  defended thousands of DUI cases. Henry's experience  works to your advantage: he knows the ins and outs of the system and can help you retain your license (for a DUI case), successfully defend and win your criminal case or mitigate your fines or jail time.    He enjoys an excellent relationship with the entire court system and its personnel.  If you are looking for expertise, knowledge, strategy, fairness, professionalism, and an advocate who speaks or you, then call us today at 707-778-5659.