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Reducing Your Debt Obligations

Deciding to file for personal bankruptcy is never an easy decision.  It requires the guidance of an experienced attorney who will help guide your through the process of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.  What is a Chapter 7?  For those who qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, most, if not all, of debts may be completely dismissed.  It is meant for families and individuals who simply do not make enough money to ever be able to make debt payments.  Please note:  there are certain types of debt that cannot be discharged under Chapter 7, including student loans, child or spousal support payments, any fines or penalties owed to government agencies, and other debts under American laws. 

Bankruptcy and creditor harassment are matters that are difficult to deal with. Simmons Law Group wants to help ensure your are provided with the legal resources you need to overcome this difficult time in your life.