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Adopting a Child

Adoptions are an emotional issue.  The desire to provide a loving home to a child is one of the most influential decisions that a person or couple can make.  Adoptions can be independent, where a birth mother and potential adoptive parent(s) are matched and a legal arrangement is worked out.

There is also an adoption process called Relative Adoption where a direct relative member becomes the legal parent of a child.  Many individuals do not plan in advance to raise children born to family members.  Due to numerous social and economic issues and the commitment to keep children within families, relative adoptions are increasing in number each year.  Frequently, relatives assume the responsibility of parenting for the following reasons:

  • death of a parent
  • financial issues
  • substance abuse by the parents
  • child abuse
  • child neglect
  • abandonment
  • teenage pregnancy
  • incarceration
  • mental health problems
  • parents inability or unwillingness to assume responsibility of parenting.

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